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    Moding 2014 V6 Automatic to Standard Manual Trans

    :smash: Hi, I want to know all the details of what type of transmission I will need to install to modify my mustang from a automatic Transmission to a Manual Transmission. For instance, I went to the American Muscle website, and I found that they only have a GT manual transmission that they...
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    Supercharger kit and other gear

    Hi, I am new to the the New York Mustangs club. However, I need some help figuring out what to install on my stang that will go well with the Supercharger kit I will install. (I am not installing it any time soon, but I want to be prepared for it though). This is the list of things I was...
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    Hello Stangs

    I am very happy to have gotten a mustang. I have made some mods to it so far, but my ultimate goal is to install a supercharger. I want my stang to run like a triple crown stallion. When I get my Captain America Wrap install I will post a picture for every one to see. mean while, you guys...