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  • HAHA Yea Im trying to keep myn out as long as possible!!!
    I def. will....... I assume your talking big Troy.....I am the younger generation so I have a Uncle Troy, TY...and cusin's Troy,and TY I see theme both often though!!!d is Todd
    MY da
    I see Troy around quite a bit. I haven't seen Ty in 20 years. Skellie's are my cousins. Tell Troy "Bummer said hi". Tonight is the last night for the stang. Finally got my Ranger fixed, car has got to hibernate.
    Till today...Its the 11th and I saw you on the corner of Platt and Warren in the aparment parking lot....Car looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!
    Yea...all of theme...Who do you know?????I hadnt even noticed you were from warren county
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