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  • Hey guys! I finally found him!! Frank Soldridge from PSI Speed Solutions. He tuned my car about 7 years ago. I had a number of people ask me for his contact info and I had lost track of Frank. He has moved to Palmerton PA. Not far from the NJ/Pocono border. WELL WORTH THE TRIP! This guy is the absolutely the go to guy for anything Mustang.........ESPECIALLY tuning. Google PSI Speed Solutions and check out his web page. Franks personal best 4.04-197 MPH!!! He gave me permission to give out his personal cell number to club members. (484) 239-6884. If you want every HP squeezed out of your motor, this is the man.
    FREE!! To any NYMC member....Just installed an aluminum driveshaft in my 86. If you can use a perfectly good stock drive shaft, call me and come get it. Al (BAD86) (908) 219-6808
    Hi Michele.....

    I just sent you an e-mail......I tried to post it here but the system said it was too long. My new e-mail address is


    the new ride is good. Needs a little work , i gotta do the susepension on it and the top for the motor just went (i think) its not working so still trying to figure it out, otherwise its doing good.
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