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    F/S 94-95 Pro-M PIH kit Harness

    Hey guy, sold my mustang and I'm getting rid of all the rest of the Mustang stuff I have lying around. 1st Generation Pro-M PIH (plug in harness) Harness which is plug and play to put a A9L/A9M/A9P into your 94/95 5.0 without any rewiring, pinning or otherwise mangling of the stock harness...
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    F/S Misc. Mustang Parts

    Selling some items that I have laying around: 2004 Cobra Radiator that came off a running car with only 50,000 miles on it $200 AC delete Kit Part Number M-19216-A50 (new and still in box) $20 Paxton Fuel Pressure regulator $40 94 automatic GT computer $100 Flowmaster catback exhaust that came...
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    F/S Mustang Roush stage3 99-04 oem 18x9 rims (only two)

    Selling two Roush Stage 3 OEM rims. These rims were only manufactured from 99-04 and are really had to find. The rims are is great shape, no curb rash, dents or dings. Bought them a couple of years ago and placed them on the side to have as spares (just in case), but since i sold the vehicle, i...
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    F/S BBK h-pipe with Cats for long tubes (mustang) - $180 (Maspeth, NY)

    Selling a BBK H-pipe with welded in Catalytic Converters (by a muffler shop). This can ONLY be used with long tube headers. Came off my 95 mustang. Will with any 94 to 98 mustang with long tubes. Looking to get $180.00 obo. Call or text Steve at 646-413-2406. Located in Maspeth, NY 11378...
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    F/S 94-98 flowmaster catback exhaust

    Selling a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system that came off my 95 mustang gt. The exhaust has been on the car for about 2 years and is still in good condition. Tips are still nice but need to be cleaned and buffed. Will fit any 94 to 98 mustang. Looking to get $180.00 obo. Call or text Steve at...
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    F/S 99-04 Cobra Mac Catback

    Selling a Mac Catback exhaust that cam off my 01 Cobra. I probably had it on the car for two months before I sold the car. Looking to get 200 obo email me at Link to the discription: MAC Ford Cobra1999-2004 4.6L V8 4Valve, 3" Cat-Back System
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    G-Tech Pro RR

    Bought this G-Tech from Summit Racing some time ago but never really used it. Ita ll new and never installed or placed in the car. All the wires and all are stilling thier originally bags. Looking to get $150.00 call or text = 646-413-2406 Thanks Link ...
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    2001 Cobra Computer

    Have a 2001 Cobra Computer. Bought it a couple of months ago from MPS but sold the car before I could use it. This computer is for a Natural Aspiration not the 2003 and 2004 Cobras. Computer is MSE3 Then we have 1R3F-12A650-FD More info on label = MLC-463A Looking to get $100.00 Call or text...
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    Can i interchange egr valves on a 1994

    I am having a problem with the egr valve tube on my 1994 ... it keeps leaking. Could I block the header with a cap and maybe use a earlier 87 to 93 egr valve instead? Thanks for the info
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    Leaking Fuel Regulator

    Yeah the gasket was not there... fixed and all good.
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    Leaking Fuel Regulator

    OK. I think it might have come off while I was swapping the injectors.
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    F/S Mac Catback for 99-04 Cobras

    Selling a Mac cat back exhaust with 3 1/2 inch tips. System was on my corba for a month. Looking to get $200 obo Call or text 646-four one three-240 six. Thanks
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    Leaking Fuel Regulator

    Hey guys, I have a 95 GT and I wanted to put in a new Fuel Regulator but now it keeps leaking. Put the stock one back and it does the same. The leak is coming from in between the reg and the fuel rail. :( I bought a Kirban... should I have bought a different type of regulator? Is there...
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    F/S 1999 to 2004 Cobra Parts

    All parts came fromor were for My 2001 Cobra. All parts are in Queens near the midtown tunnel. Give me a call at 646-413-2406 or email me at USED PARTS: 1) Mac Catback for 1999 to 2004 Cobra with an IRS. It’s a 2.5” piping with 3.5” tips. I had it on the car for about a...
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    Vortech V1 S Trim (Loud One) Polished Kit

    Vortech V1 S Trim (Loud One) Polished Kit: 3.33 pulley, head-unit, brackets, tensioner, Crank Pulley, Belt, Inlet pipe, Bypass valve, Anderson Powerpipe, Oil Feed line and fittings, Oil Drain Line, Raditator Hoses, FMU All clamps and hose fittings and bolts - $1850 FULL KIT JUSTY BOLT IT ON AND...