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    F/S 306 motor complete

    Hi I have a roller 306 with rpm pro former heads port and polished gt40 upper and lower e303 cam Keith black forged Pistons all in a fresh motor biult by storm in mount Vernon . It has about 2000 miles on it runs good . Selling complete motor minus injectors and alternator look to get 2000 for all .
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    393 stroker

    I am going to build a 393 stroker over the winter but don't know if I should go carb are stay fuel injection .
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    I have a 91 with a 306 performer head 1.7 rocker e cam procomp intake. With an elbow .i am putting in a turbo and I am changing the injectors and I would like to know what is a good cam to run with the turbo .
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    Mt. vernon high school auto club 2nd annual car show

    What time does it start
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    Lots of foxbody misc parts

    The column u have is it tilt?