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  1. Photo Shoot 9.19.15

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15

  2. Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg2

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg2

  3. Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg3

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg3

  4. Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg7

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg7

  5. Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg6

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg6

  6. Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg9

    Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg9

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    First Photo Shoot for Mag..sneak peak

    Sorry bra.. not suppose to talk about that, but you can send me a Agreed... Dude took some crazy shots Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg5_zpstciupmux.jpg Photo by blackbad2thebone | Photobucket
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    First Photo Shoot for Mag..sneak peak

    This was taken from the IPhone Photo Shoot 9.19.15.jpg14_zps8yc9jv7i.jpg Photo by blackbad2thebone | Photobucket And a pic photographer sent Photo Shoot 9.19.15_zpsdmdoywwj.jpg Photo by blackbad2thebone | Photobucket Rolling shot in sig was a part of shoot
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    I like your picture.

    I like your picture.
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    AHRC Car Show 5-3-15

    Great pics!
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    new guy from Long Island

    welcome, nice ride, just be safe with her;)
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    2015 AHRC carshow fundraiser. Sunday 5/3/2015

    Kev Could you email me that flyer so I can again post it at the communities. I'll see you there bra Thanks Brian
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    wheel and tire question

    I'd suggest you contact Steve at True Forged as they're mustang fanatics and I'm sure they have done some custom offsets for fox bodies. Tell him Brian suggested you call.. FWIW- My 11.5's fit like a glove Good luck!
  14. Engine March 2015 0031

    Engine March 2015 0031