04 orange cobra

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  • Cool. I just posted on the show link for Plattsburgh that if everyone wanted to we would have a BBQ and bonfire at our place Sat. night. Either way I will be at the show (without a Stang)... :(
    Whats going on? We will make it your way and meet up with you guys for dinner b4 long.
    It was good meeting you too! I am glad I ran into you guys. Your car is sharp tell the little man I said Thanks :-)
    Thanks, I got my exhaust welded today and got ride of that nasty beat-up car sound lol.
    Your Cobra is sick! The color and those rims are crazy. One day I'll get to your level!
    Thanks Man!!! I LOVE it! Suprisingly enough, driving down the highway at 80 it isnt any louder then stock with a light foot.
    Rob, It was incredible- Had great weather all week long. I didnt get a chance to take the Cobra down. It is at my friends shop now, had some noise coming from the rear end before I left. Should be picking it up soon-
    Thanks, just got it 3 weeks ago and REALLY enjoying it's power. Installed a JLP RAI yesterday, like the difference so far. Going to Phelps 8/7?
    No mods yet just got it 3 weeks ago i wouldve had mods but end up having the rear rebuilt clutch replaced and some other stuff and the stealership hit me with like a 4000 bill lol
    Yes I did his name is George his car is the same colors but he has the bembro's
    and 6 speed stick with a 3:73 gear....

    He Waited since Feb for his car I kinda felt bad when I told him I bought my car from the same place off the lot ..Granted the car was there on a Monday I bought it on a Wendsday. I literally decieded I wanted the car then went and found one the next day.... kind of sucks how ford does not proccess customer orders as a 1st priority.
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