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The Stang
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Resvon Resvon is offline
Beyond a n3wb
Location: Pennsylvania
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Resvon's Garage
Vehicle Name The Stang
Year 2004
Make Ford
Model Mustang
Color Redfire
Packages 40th annyversary
2004 Ford Mustang
History My first car and i love it.
2004 Ford Mustang Engine
Stock 3.9L v6 engine
Soon CAI.

Mac Cat Back exhaust with 2.5" piping and 3" stainless steel tips.

Suspension / Drivetrain
Stock. Soon to be lowered.


Exterior / Stereo
2004 Ford Mustang Exterior / Stereo
Mach 1 grill delete.
Soon hood scoop.

Rims, Tires, Brakes, and everything else!
Stock rims, tires, brakes.
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