Sct tuner

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any places near Albany to buy a sct tuner for a 07 mustang gt? Or if anyone has a used one they would like to sell. Lmk thanks in advance.
I'm from Dutchess and haven't found any places down here selling them.....apparently the same story for you. On line would be the best bet ( at least price wise )
Got mine from Steeda......American Muscle is a great "go to" place as well.


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Think best value is getting one from, I think SCT has an enforced MAP on their products (Minimum Advertised Price) since all online store have the tuners priced the same. They compete more over included services, think AM was first to offer lifetime tunes from BAMA when purchasing a tuner through them. Great perk I think especially for those who just want to cruise around and have the tune adjusted when a new mod installed calls for it. Won't beat dyno tuning but makes it easier than shelling out 150ish each time you put something new on.