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Default Re: So......what's next ?

Originally Posted by On Edge View Post
I'm trying the 1/4 mile thing too.
It's not about the rwhp.
I've seen guys with less hp than me and much better times.
It's about the 60ft and shifting well.
Get good tires, drop the air pressure, do a little burn out, and shift at max power points ( as seen on you Dyno graphs ).
Don't be afraid to shift at higher rims like ie....5700+.
The drag strip is addicting !
My tires are still good enough - didn't have a problem spinning them too much.
Ordered a real nice six point roll bar a feeling that my next trip there will be my last until I get one installed. ( it's OK, I've been thrown out of nicer places anyhow LOL )
Getting pretty excited about the mods tomorrow !
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