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69 Mustang Coupe.
1969 Coupe, It will have a modified 302, w/TFS Twisted Wedge heads, TFS cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, T-5 5 spd, & 9" rear w/3.50 gears. It will be painted 1970 Boss 302 grabber yellow with a black 1970 Mach-1 hood stripe, Mach-1 hood scoop, front & rear spoilers, & Shelby Vert lower side scoop. Interior is black w/1970 Mustang high back buckets, 1987 Mustang center mount e-brake, & Mach-1 r/s dash panel w/clock. I performed the Shelby/Arning upper control arm drop,replaced the complete front suspension, steering linkage, installed a rebuilt steering box, power front disc brakes, & larger 11 X 2.25 rear drum brakes. The wheels I am using are the ones I have from a 68 GT, wrapped in 215/70R-14 Cooper Cobra Radial GT's on the front, & 225/70R-14's on the rear.
5/25/13 Patched the lower front section of the r/s rear inner wheel house.
5/25/13 Patched the rear section of the r/s rocker panel.
5/26/13 Over head storage I built in the garage.
6/25/17 Reinstalled radiator.
6/24/17 Ford Contour dual electric cooling fan mounted on the 24" radiator.
6/16/17 Ford Contour dual cooling fan assembly.
6/2/17 Hydraulic clutch system reservoir is mounted.
5/28/17 Installed the clutch slave cyl part of the hydraulic clutch system.
5/27/17 Clutch master cylinder & line to clutch slave cylinder.
5/27/17 Clutch pedal linkage to clutch master cylinder.
5/23/17 Hydraulic clutch parts from Modern Driveline arrived today.
F/E shot 5/6/17
How it is today 5/6/17, new stance with the lowering springs.
4/15/17 installed both assembled backing plates on rear end housing & installed both axles.
4/14/17 Rebuilt both rear drum brakes.
4/2/17 I Installed the rear axle housing vent line, the rubber line from the metal line to the rear axle housing,  the metal line from the...
3/25/17 Center differential is in.
3/25/17 Rear housing is in along with the Koni shocks.
3/20/17 Sanded off the old paint & re painted the rear housing.
3/19/17 Removed the old rear leaf spring shackle frame bushings, installed new bushings, new leaf springs & shackles.
3/18/17 Cut off the bolt holding what was left of the l/s rear leaf spring.
3/17/17 Installed a 7" metal cutting disc on my angle grinder & made a new shield out of a left over piece of sheet metal. R/S front spring eyelet &...
3/17/17 Old rear leaf springs.
3/11/17 Got the rear center chunk rebuilt w/ trac-lok, new bearings, 3.50 gears & new axle bearings.
3/8/17 Empty rear end housing.

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03-28-2015 @ 06:18 PM
Once again...........nice work Mike.
03-01-2015 @ 07:59 PM
Coming along nicely, fantastic work.
12-31-2013 @ 08:27 PM
The restoration is really coming along. The hours and effort are shown. Sweet.
12-11-2013 @ 07:24 AM
awsom67 awsom67
I had to do same work on my 69 coupe be seeing it this summer.
08-25-2013 @ 07:47 PM
Nice panel work .....Looks good.
07-30-2013 @ 11:30 PM
jpc252 jpc252
Looking Good! I tried doing body work, I just couldn't get into it? Worst part my father was a Body & Fender man in the 50's. We had most tools for doing it too. I stuck with the most other forms of working on cars.
07-28-2013 @ 07:30 AM
Work in progress.........Nice restoration.
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