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Default Looking for a class on basic automotive maintenance

Fellow 'stang lovers....

I just spent two days with my '09 GT at NJMP, my first track experience, and had the time of my life driving the car at the limit (and past it -- I spun out once on Lightning, and once on Thunderbolt).

Now, I've got a car with no brake pads, and a transmission that makes noises not intended by the manufacturer. I'm heading back out to Mustang Magic to have Joe and the crew tell me how badly I broke my car, and for anything serious (like the transmission), they are pretty much guaranteed to get my business. However, it seems to me kinda pathetic that I can't even change my own brake pads.

Since I'm going to be spending a LOT more time on tracks, and putting my cars through a LOT more abuse, I'd like to start learning how to do Auto Maintenance 101. Seems like I'm going to do through more than one set of brake pads doing threshold braking at 125 mph at these two days events....

I'm looking for a non-professional course on automotive maintenance, but all I've found so far are serious professional courses for people who want to make a career out of it. I've got the career thing taken care of, but I just want to spend a few weekends learning how to do things like maintain my own brakes, fluid and filter changes, etc. Just something to get me started, so I don't destroy my car trying to teach myself.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I'm sure most of you learned the hard way by working on cars when you were younger, but I'm getting a late start to this game (47 years old, and I just had my track cherry popped...).

Thanks in advance...
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