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Default How much for a clutch install?

So, I've been feeling my clutch slipping in higher gears. It started slipping when accelerating hard and then changing gear, the engine would surge a bit and then translate into forward momentum. Yesterday, driving from Vermont back home, even without changing gear, going WOT in 4th I'd feel that surge and then power delivery.

Anyway, it's an '06 V6 with 97k on it and it feels like it needs a new clutch. I'd love to do it myself, but I'm not sure about laying on the dirt, plus, this car cost me a pretty penny, and there are things I'd try, but this is one of the things I'd rather a professional works on for me.

If I do any performance mods on the car, it'd be forced induction, would it be worth getting a clutch that can deal with that when replacing it?

So please, Realspeed, how much would you estimate for a job like that?
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Default Re: How much for a clutch install?

PM Sent!!
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