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1969 Mustang Coupe
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Mike65 Mike65 is online now
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Mike65's Garage
Vehicle Name
Year 1969
Make Mustang
Model Coupe
Color Currently, red primer (eventually 69 Boss 302 bri
Packages GT tribute
1969 Mustang Coupe
1969 Mustang Coupe 1969 Mustang Coupe 1969 Mustang Coupe
History I acquired the car as a rolling chasis back in 2001. The car was being used as a parts car which I saved from going to the wrecking yard. After 4 moves & 1 failed business venture we are back in NJ in 2011 & looking to get back working on the 69 Coupe again. Over the years I have been gathering parts to start to put the car back together once the sheet metal repairs are done. So far I have repaired the l/s rear frame rail, replaced the l/s trunk floor, rear gas tank support panel that is behind the tail light panel, tail light panel, l/s outer wheel house, l/s quarter skin, r/s door skin, & l/s door shell. Replaced the r/s quarter skin, r/s outer wheel house, repaired the lower portion of the r/s & l/s "B" pillar's, repaired the rear section of the r/s rocker panel, r/s torque box, r/s floor support, & r/s toe board. Replaced the l/s front torque box, floor support, long l/s front floor, l/s toe board, l/s seat platform, Patched the l/s door post where the windshield post overlaps just below the upper door hinge & also replaced l/s & r/s front inner fender panels. Welded in the OTR big block shock tower reinforcements.
1969 Mustang Coupe Engine
1987 Mustang 5.0, stock short block, w/ cylinder heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM 4bbl aluminum intake, Autolite 4300 4 bbl carb, & TFS HP cam, roller lifters, rockers & push rods.

JBA headders run through cherry bomb glass packs with 1969 GT tail pipe extensions.

Suspension / Drivetrain
1969 Mustang Coupe Suspension / Drivetrain
1987 Mustang T-5 5 spd w/hydraulic operated clutch, 9" rear w/3.50 gears w/tru-trac. Blueprinted front upper & lower control arms with roller spring perches, OTR aftermarket adjustable strut rods, performance coil springs, 5 leaf mid eye rear leaf springs, & 1" Shelby upper control arm drop. 69/70 Mustang big block front & rear shock tower reimforcements, aftermarket center shock tower to frame reinforcements, & front & rear "L" shaped shock tower to frame reinforcements.

1969 Mustang Coupe Interior 1969 Mustang Coupe Interior 1969 Mustang Coupe Interior
1970 Mustang high back bucket seats w/matching rear seat, , New Vintage aftermarket gauges in stock Mustang panel, Mach-1 custom passenger side dash panel with clock, 1980 Bronco steering wheel & 1987 Mustang center mount E-brake handle.

Exterior / Stereo
1969 Mustang Coupe Exterior / Stereo 1969 Mustang Coupe Exterior / Stereo
1969 Mach-1 front & rear spoliers, hood scoop, hood pins, dual exhaust rear valance, & Shelby Vert lower side scoops. 1980 Ford AM/FM Stereo.

Rims, Tires, Brakes, and everything else!
1969 Mustang Coupe Rims, Tires, Brakes, and everything else! 1969 Mustang Coupe Rims, Tires, Brakes, and everything else!
In the rear 225/70R-14, & in the front 215/70R-14 Cooper Cobra Radial GT tires on 68/69 GT rims. 4 piston power disc brakes, & upgraded 10x2" rear drum brakes.
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