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Default DYI home alignment

A couple years ago I did a big upgrade on my 66's front suspension with tubular control arms, camber kit, adjustable struts and a few other bits. I'm not a professional mechanic or do suspension work normally. So I'm like most guys after rebuilding your suspension, take it to a shop for an alignment. About half way through my project I began to have night mares about sending it to a shop. i had visions of either flatly refusing to do it because of the parts, totally f'ning up royally taking all apart, screwing it up and charging me a fortune. I thought to my self I have just done all this work, why can't I do my own alignment? And why not? So I bought a rebadged Longeacre bubble gauge and armed with the Ford shop manual I took it on.

To be honest my first drive I fully expected it to do something evil. I thought it would try to send me into a tree or something. None of that, I literally drove out of my garage with no Issues. It drove great, tracked great and the steering wheel was centered. I really expected that i was going to have to fix something. This alignment was just meant to do a shake down drive. I didn't touch it for a year until I took my drum brakes and spindles for a set of 72 disc brakes. Here's a link to the original post on another forum I did. It was quite a rewarding feeling doing it!

Setting caster and camber - The Forums

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Default Re: DYI home alignment

Thanks for sharing
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Default Re: DYI home alignment

Thanks for sharing the info, I am going to have to try that now that I have all new f/e parts.
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