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Default Bus Ride

A Bus Driver's Nightmare"A nun gets on a bus and sits behind the driver. She
tells the bus driver she needs someone to talk to, lives in a convent and wants
to experience SEX before she dies. The bus driver agrees, but the nun explains
she can't have SEX with anyone who is married because it would be a sin. The
bus driver says "No problem...I'm not married." The nun says she also has to
die a virgin, so she'll have to take it up the ass. The bus driver agrees again
and being the only people on the bus, they go in the back of the bus and takes
care of business. When they were done and he resumed driving, the bus driver
said "Sister, I have a confession to make. I'm married and have three kids."
The nun replies, "That's o.k. I have a confession too. My name is John and I'm
on my way to a costume party"happy halloween
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Default Re: Bus Ride

Moral of the story! Never phuck a Nun in the ass while on an empty bus! LOL
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aloha moloi`eheme
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Default Re: Bus Ride

uh oh!
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