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Default 94 GT T5 started making a squealing noise

Hello all thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Two days ago I pull the car in to do some parking break work. Someone had let the spring uncoil in the parking brake lever. After I re-wound it I noticed the catch was bent or the pivot arm was worn so the catch would slide of the side and miss the gear to cause the lever to pull the cable tight. I rigged up a fix and tack welded it to the catch so it sat in its correct location. No big deal. BTW I forgot to unhook the battery cables before I welded stupid I know. The next day I took my family to the movies in the car and within lets say 2 miles I had to make a right turn so I braked and down shifted to 2nd so when I made the turn I was in the right gear. Soon as I turned and reapplied the gas in 2nd now I noticed this high pitched bearing squeal the best I can describe it. Its hard to tell but I also believe I heard some other bad noises the car is loud so wasn't sure. I wasn't into the throttle either I had my 3 year old in the back was normal to slightly heavy foot driving. So it didn't stop the car so I carried on to the movies. squeaked and squealed ever so often on the drive there. Watch the movie same on the way home. Looked under the car nothing obvious broken no extra fluids leaking. Took it out again by myself to a buddies to get a better look underneath noticed it only does it at this point when I hit a bump. No matter if I am clutched shifting driving or foot to the floor it doesn't make the noise only right after I hit a bump for about 2 secs then its gone. The Tranny shifts smooth doesn't have any issues going in or out of gear nothing has changed with the transmission drive wise except the noise when the car squats a bit after hitting a bump. Didn't notice any broken mounts or cracks in the bell housing. Was worried I burnt out something electronic but best I can tell there isn't much electronic about these things.

Sorry for the long winded description but I always like to know everything that led up to the big bang Any suggestions would be very helpful not really in the mood to be picking up a new tranny. Also car has 158k on it not sure if its orginal transmission but lets assume and haven't checked the fluid yet have to bring it in to a shop can't get the car high enough to fit in.
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