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Default Re: 78 King cobra 5.0

Thankz guys. here are some pics...from when the car was picked up at after sitting for about 15 years till where its at now..
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78 King cobra 5.0-ae7cd8d5f92b9c49464fe4a9add2654c699d1508-2.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-9ade6c7b439485e96d9f911f412a9061fc5904ef-1.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-img_20180225_165842.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-img_20180225_170106.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-img_20180225_165730.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-5efc18cbc6746fab7b11d65d4a0cbcfe035fad6d-1.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-be9316ef96c07220dd916fbc57a5a7b322a1eb6a-1.jpg  

78 King cobra 5.0-9e62e18ee994f34e31d20e35e90f4853f6fb3156-1.jpg   78 King cobra 5.0-0415a0d943dc37c7e5b2a7c11ef369462de41fd3-1.jpg  

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