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Originally Posted by stringtheory View Post
I have seen the Baer Brake Conversion Kits, they are pricey considering caliper is not included. One of the reasons I bought the Power Stop Rotors (14" front and 14" rear) was cost and the availability of a rear extension brackets, which I already have. I thought the front brackets wouldn't be a problem. I have about $650 invested in the 4 slotted rotors and rear brackets. To start all over again, I would have to sell the 4 rotors with the rear brackets first, then purchase the Baer rotors.
Anyone with a Brembo Mustang GT or Boss 302 interested in new front rotors and upgrading their rear rotors with 14's? The rotors and brackets are NIB.
Asking $300.
Try to contact Baer, maybe you can get the front caliper parts without the rotors ? I have been thinking about the same upgrade for a few years but haven't pulled the trigger. I went with all the Go Fast Stuff, but not the Slow Down Stuff. Only driving her about 300 miles per year.
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