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Default Re: New NY emission testing

[QUOTE=AdirondackFox08;537546]So your STi passed the new emission testing even though the rear o2s were turned off? It sounds like there might be a way around that issue then. What year is it?

Yeah you can go to a mustang shop like mentioned and see if you need something different with your tune.

Let us know how you make out when you do get it inspected though.

My mustang will be fine since its older, but I was thinking about getting my cobalt ss tuned and get rid of the o2 code since I have an aftermarket down pipe with a spun metal cat. Might have to put that stock dp back in for inspection, ugh.

I talked to my tuner on the sti, he had no idea they change anything and he told me cobb as no updates for those things, no tune software dose.

My rear o2 is off and it did pass and what I read on the dmvs website says if a place wants to do inspection on cars after dec 3, 2013 they need this new machine. So, I figure the place I used had it.

My sti has ever bolt on mod you can get, plus a built motor, cam and so on with a stock turbo and it passed. It's an 06. She was running on the 93 oct tune also, not e85.

I'm thinking I'll just go and see what happens. I'm still running my oem egr valve too, plus I hope this new machine is not to smart to the fact that my car is an 01 gt that's what they scan on the door and the car is but the ecu and whole drive train is a 03 cobra.

I did not hear about that with the cats!!

They guys that are failing what tunes do they have? just off the shelf tunes or custom tunes and what tuners/handhelds are these using?
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