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Default Re: New NY emission testing

Originally Posted by mustangmike01 View Post
I just hard they changed all the emission testing machines in NYS on dec 1, 2013 and there a lot smarter. If you have anything turned off you will get a NA and fail. Normally if you do not have a check engine light on and drive 200 miles you're going to pass.

I just got my sti inspected and it passed fine, even though the rear o2 is off do to no cat. But I just got a new tune in November with the latest Cobb updates.

My problems is I'm worried about my mustang. It has the sct2 and tuned by Chrissk 3 years ago with rear o2s off and he turned off the fuel float talking to the ecu, do to a check engine light on do to there not talking right to one another.

Can I get any updates from SCT myself that will not mess up Chris's specs or do I have to get the car retuned by somebody?

Has anybody heard of the new testing and has more info on it or have gone through it yet, with an old tune?

thanks guys
So your STi passed the new emission testing even though the rear o2s were turned off? It sounds like there might be a way around that issue then. What year is it?

Yeah you can go to a mustang shop like mentioned and see if you need something different with your tune.

Let us know how you make out when you do get it inspected though.

My mustang will be fine since its older, but I was thinking about getting my cobalt ss tuned and get rid of the o2 code since I have an aftermarket down pipe with a spun metal cat. Might have to put that stock dp back in for inspection, ugh.

Originally Posted by BLWNMACH1 View Post
Yes New York State DMV has upgraded the program on emission testing. Many cars have failed. There is a way to get them to pass. If you are having a problem I strongly suggest calling Joe at Mustang Magic...
Do you know why they failed, or a link for the new law?
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