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Default Cats out of the bag!!

The guys that are member plus have followed this build since october of 2011.

Quick log.

Pulled motor.
Installed a aluminator 8.8:1 forged shortblock.
BBR stage 2 cams with lockouts
kenne bell 2.6 @ 19psi
Custom Intake
much more

Full suspension mods.
Tubular K member

Fuel system:
Returnless system with a single Walbro 405 in stock hat with a BAP

Had Super street out in L.I tune the car, what a bunch of idiots. After 2 weeks with the car, I had to bring it back for the final tune. That was the last day my car ran. Yep, he couldnt tune for the fuel system and ran it lean in 1 cylinder, and boom!!!!!! Dropped an exhaust valve causing the head and piston to be mutilated.

Screw them, glad they went out of business!!!!!

All rebuilt and back together with a new paint job also.

All emblems and antenna shaved, along with the door handles

air brushed mural under the hood.

Pearl chameleon flames on the hood and down the side.

And a bunch of other custom details.

I will answer any questions you may have.

As for is over 690/587 and that is not on the final tune!!!! probably gonna hit the 750 mark with the meth.

Here are the pics. Enjoy. They are reversed. So start from the bottom.

I have many pics, so just ask.

Make sure to check out the NYM STORE.

Advertise On NYM!! details here

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