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Default Re: Mike's 302 to 351W Swap.

Thanks guys. I cant remember for the life of me what year the truck was that this came out of. Ive had this engine in my heated basement for about 1.5 years. Trying to remember when Ford changed bodystyles of the F-150's. Its either a 93 or 94. I agreed on 600 for the engine, with the P/O pulling it. I got there and it wasnt out, so i ended up helping. So he knocked around another 60-80 bucks off, for an afternoon of my time. So all in all 520-540 for it. Came from Geneva. Thanks for the info on the bushings! As soon as i can get my camera operating there will be a ton of pictures!

BTW, where exactly is the imprinting on the block loated?, the engine is pretty fully dressed still, minus a couple accessories, and a efi dizzy...
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