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Default Mike's 302 to 351W Swap.

Well, its been a while since ive been on here. Last year i didnt register my '89 fox due to it having a couple of major issues that i couldnt afford at the time, and really still can't, but i miss driving it, and i miss getting 23 MPG's! It still has major oil pressure issues from the Watkins Glen run 2 seasons ago now. So ive put 20W 50 in it and ended up driving it the rest of 2008 summer, still smokes at times, but runs decent. The 3.08 rear end is leaking perfusely, and has so much play in it gives you whiplash to drive. So the first fix is going to be the rear end and then moving to the swap. I have a rear w/ Ford Racing 3.73 gears installed, with extra clutches packed in by 64FatBlock. There are two bushings in the top of it that i need to replace. What are they called and which brand should i get? Im also going to post some other info ive found out i needed here so i can refer to one place. Now to the engine, its out of a '93 Ford Lightning. So its a 351W with the GT-40 tubular intake. Was said to have in the 120K mile range, ran excellent and was owned by an elderly couple. Planning on dropping it in stock right now, due to expenses. But i really just want to drive it more than race it, miss going to the cruises n' stuff. Later on down the road i will remove it again and build it to something insane. Will start posting pictures when i get started this weekend.
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