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Originally Posted by Mike65 View Post
The 69 Coupe is my car & has been stripped to a bare shell & is awaiting restoration. I would be VERY interested in parts for a 69 Coupe. It will need lower quater panels on both sides, tail light panel, & l/s floor all replaced. The 69 will be a modified 302 w/5spd & 3.79 rear gears. (I already have a 9" rear for it) I am going to paint it chrome yellow w/Mach - 1 front spoiler, hood scoop & the twist hood locks. It will have the deluxe Mach - 1 interior in black.
The 65 2+2 Fastback is my wifes car & is currently in the sheet metal repair/replacement phase of the restoration. The 65 will be a GT-350 clone but will be painted grabber green from a 71 Mach - 1, w/black Shelby stripes. The interior is the pony interior in black w/70 Mach - 1 high back buckets. It will also be a modified 302 w/5spd & 3.50 rear gears. It all depends on the cash flow right now as we are trying to sell our house, so the work is going slow right now.

Mike I don't think we're suppossed to discuss sales in the open threads? If that's the case Pm me and we can go from there.I am very receptive to letting this stuff go(the 69 parts) cheap (relative to what I paid)I'm also possibly interested in trades?If that works for you.
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