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Hey Guys,
Projects,My favorite kind of cars.

John,When you say full resto is the car running and driving? I assume it needs rust work? You're in Westchester,We're practically neighbors.If you ever want to pick my brain on your car please let me know I've done a ton of resto work on early stangs ,Especially convertibles i.e. Floors,Inner rockers,Torque boxes,quarter panels,etc. I've got tons of free advice and I've also been known to lend a hand,parts,etc.65 1/2 ? Did you mean 64 1/2? Please post pics when you get a chance.

Mike, I like both of your cars as well If you want to Tell me more about them I'm all ears. I'm not sure where you are at with your 69 or how far you are from Westchester,But just to throw this out there.I have some new and used parts for a 69 coupe/Convertible(quarter skins,tinted glass,9 inch rear,etc. )That I will gladly trade or sell (for a chunk less than I paid)Like I said I have these and They would look alot better in someone elses basement.LOL
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